Quotes and Snippets

... that Dorian Benkoil finds from around the digiverse.

What media buyers are looking for when they attend the NewFronts presentations

  • * They want to see publishers promote their own programming. “If they don’t invest in their show, we’re not going to invest in their show,” OMD CDO Ben Winkler told Digiday.
  • * They want to see how publishers can help them complement their broadcast buys. “We’re looking at digital to add to the mix, not cannibalize on the already-working engine and infrastructure of broadcast, which is actually effective,” TeamOne Media Director Kirsten Atkinson told Digiday.
  • * They want to see programmatic ads commingle with custom video. “Placements alongside original content are not going to be something publishers like Yahoo are going to want sell programmatically, even though the marketplace is demanding it,” AMP Media Director Linda Lydon told Digiday.
  • * They want to see quality. Need they say more?

Recounting David Ogilvy's Wisdom

  • In a section on morale, he admonishes that some companies “have been destroyed by internal politics” and offers seven ways to curtail them:
  • 1. Always be fair and honest in your own dealings; unfairness and dishonesty at the top can demoralize [a company].
  • 2. Never hire relatives or friends.
  • 3. Sack incurable politicians.
  • 4. Crusade against paper warfare*. Encourage your people to air their disagreements face-to-face.
  • 5. Discourage secrecy.
  • 6. Discourage poaching.
  • 7. Compose sibling rivalries. (DB: Not sure I get this one, but want to.)

To build upon its dominant position, Google is trying to prove that its ads work. The company now provides advertisers with data showing the sales the advertiser is generating via desktop computers but which Google says can be traced back to clicks on smartphone ads.