Quotes and Snippets

... that Dorian Benkoil finds from around the digiverse.

Time spent in mobile has surpassed time spent in desktop, but since the third-party cookie is barely useful in tablet and mobile environments, reporting in attribution platforms, DMPs, DSPs and ad servers alike all massively undervalue the performance of those placements.

I’ve met a number of technology chief executives and venture capitalists who say similar things: they strictly limit their children’s screen time, often banning all gadgets on school nights, and allocating ascetic time limits on weekends.

I also think it’s very difficult to try anything genuinely new and risky when everyone’s margins are getting squeezed by falling ad rates and the bar for minimum audience numbers keeps creeping upward—unless you’re Buzzfeed and you get a giant capital infusion that buys you some breathing room and leeway to make mistakes. As a result, what passes for innovation right now is native advertising, engagement tools, etc., which just don’t seem that revolutionary to me. I think if media companies viewed R&D the way tech companies do—necessity, not luxury—and were capitalized accordingly, there would be a lot more interesting things happening.

I strongly encourage policy makers, policy wonks, internet activists, and anyone who cares about protecting an open internet for all to take a hard look at zero rating.

"Content aggregators would like to commodify our content, while data scrapers would like to aggregate our audience — the only way to reach the world’s greatest content and the most prestigious and lucrative audiences is directly through our digital properties. Third parties are no longer invited to the party," said News Corp. CEO Robert Thomson in a statement.

Nicely put! @dberkowitz: ‘My biggest pet peeve about content is when it’s called “content.” It’s like calling it “a noun,” or “stuff.” Dismissing content as “content” is the surest way to devalue it.’